Use case 3

Provision of information provided by vehicle sensors.

This use case is deprecated. The objective of use case 3 aims to receive information generated by sensors embedded in the vehicles, through the clouds of the manufacturers. This functionality is within the work carried out within the Data For Road Safety (DFRS) working group. In this environment, some manufacturers were sending this information from their clouds to the HERE Service Provider, and this would make the information available to the rest of the Member States using HERE's SNSORIS data model.

Since July 2021, manufacturers will provide this information directly from their cloud and will receive information from the Member States using the DATEXII-SRTI standard that has been generated from the DFRS.

This information can only be used by members belonging to the DFRS ecosystem. The information is not made available through any interface. In the second half of 2021 it will be used in the internal logics of the platform